Software Development

The team at Koda specialise in the development of software solutions utilising current Open Source technologies.

We have expertise in a broad range of development technologies:

  • NodeJS
  • ReactJS
  • AngularJS
  • Symphony
  • Java
  • PHP

Our expertise in database development and management includes the following DBMS:

  • Relational Database
    • SQL Server
    • MariaDB
    • MySQL
    • Postgres
  • NOSQL Database
    • Couchbase
    • MongoDB

We utilise an Agile development methodology when we are working on larger software development projects, we are comfortable developing using a test driven methodology.

We are strong in the development of API's and Integration layers between legacy back-end systems and modern web based front end interfaces.

Recent Projects include:

  • Integration, UI and UX for a leading supplier of financial services within New Zealand
  • Development of an integration layer and associated UI for a leading supplier of Automotive parts in New Zealand
  • Development of a product and customer management system for a leading distribution company in Australia
  • Development of the Detecta SaaS solution for Koda Technology
  • Development of an application to gather and manage the storage and display of data collected from a number of sources for a company operating in the Energy market in Australasia
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